Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I like to move it move it... You like to move it move it...

Ok - I realize this post is a day LATE. I suck. I know. Moving on...

So there are a dozen hot celebrity/Twi related topics I am dying to discuss. Dying to rant about. Dying to go on and on and on about.
Especially THIS:

I cannot wait to discuss THAT and by discuss, I mean go on and on and on about how fucking gorgeous KStew looked. Before you hate me - yes, the hair was awful. But everything else?


Love Love LOVE her. But that's for another day.

Its May 4th. MAY already. Which means summer and bikini season is totally swooping in on us. Yesterday, it was disgustingly hot out. Today, I got a mini burn from my hike in the woods. Coconut smelling suntan lotion is now OUT on my dresser. This is ALLLLL kinds of awesome.

So - three weeks of the 30 Day Shred have gone by and I am REALLY starting to get excited about bikini shopping. WHY? Because I have finally started to notice a major difference in my tummy and waist.

I'm especially excited about the fact that I have noticed a difference after last week despite SEVERAL setbacks.
First of all:

I was sick this past week. Not like - vomiting flu sick. But I'm so stuffed up, my throat feels like its closing in, I feel like I'm dying; sick.

when you google sick exercising you get THAT.
makes no sense, right?

So yes - being sick seriously screwed me over and resulted in 2 days of zero exercise. Because one day, I DID the shred and an 8km hike and pretty much died.

Sucking it up? Tried it - ended up feeling worse. No thanks.

Second of all:

RAIN - And I'm not talking just warm April Showers Rain. I'm taking Canadian freeze your butt off Rain.

And while some things are awesome in the rain.
Example THIS:

Some things are NOT as cool in the rain.

Example THAT:

So yes Rain + being Sick = Avoiding Exercising Outdoors

And the LAST setback I experience this past week was :


Oh wait - no

Ok I didn't touch wires and die, this post being obviously posthumous BUT when I googled 'Injury' that photo came up and I loved it. And if I love something, it ends up on this blog. Got it?

I woke up Wednesday morning with the most hurtin unit imaginable. My KNEE.

I couldn't even get up and down the stairs so obviously, even though I was sick and wanting to persist (cause I'm an idiot) - I couldn't because my knee was on fire. GOOD TIMES.

SO between the Sickness and Rain and Knee - how did I do as far as effort goes this week?

Maybe Rob can tell you.

I have been dying for an excuse to use this picture.
LOVE him.

worked out 5/7 days
6.25hrs this week = average 1.25 a day
walked 20km/12.42miles

Do I wish I could have done more? Yes.
Am I glad that I didn't? Yes. I'm still not feeling 100%.
Am I gonna try and amp it up this week? Dude. Yes.

In conclusion, 14 of the 30 days are done and I'm LOVING the difference its made. This stuff WORKS people. So if you are doing it - some of my friends have since started it - and you are having your doubts, keep it up. While I didn't notice a huge difference in the first two weeks, things are really starting to "shred" now.



Jayde said...

I would love to exercise more.
Except I really don't have time :(

Ashley said...

We are total opposites on K-Stew! I thought her makeup/hair were gorgeous, and I thought the dress was craptacular.

Blog post at 7:30am=Happy Ashley :)

Miss you!! <3

August said...

Jayde, it's awesome you want to exercise more. The first thing I would recommend you to do is become more active: shake, dance and stretch ALL the time. This will boost your metabolism and help you generate the momentum you need to overcome the inertia that keeps your body at rest. Try to accomplish what you do in a day in less time, then, once everything is happening faster you'll have the 20 minutes you need to do a couple sets of exercises.

Now as for KStew, I only just realised she plays Bella in the Twilight movies. I saw the first movie, actually.

Anyway, her style is fine: hair (much better than some of what I've seen in previous posts), makeup, dress and accessories, how you feel about it usually depends on what you've seen just before, in my case Tori Black. I find KStew cute in an awkward 'my ears stick out' kinda way.

Have you ever listened to Trooper? Me neither, which is why I Googled them. They've summed up my opinion rather nicely however. She's about as hot as this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBrCcYr0y5M

I was waiting to hear about your recovery time Crystal. Missing two days out of 14, after the strain you're placing on yourself? Seems reasonable, if not a bit short. I figure as long as I work out two days for every one I rest, I'm making progress.

The trick is to develope a routine that changes as your needs change. A sustainable routine that keeps you interested in self-improvement after the time you've spent doing your shred has lapsed.

Keep up the good work! The wake boarders are sure to find you irresistable and have no choice but to invite you and your gfs to throw frisbees and play volleyball!!

Lynne said...

Hey Crystal! I love that you are posting your progress. It's very inspiring! I have tried Jillians DVD a few times but have never done more then 12 days. Sooooo you've motivated me to actually do the full 30 days! I started today :) Love your blog!!