Monday, May 10, 2010

My Public service announcement to YOU

So a few weeks ago, here on take me to bliss, I featured the first ever Take me to Bliss Public Service Announcement.

It gave me an opportunity to rant, bring VERY important but not really topics to your attention, and post pretty pictures that cause me to *flail*.

THIS week, I have decided to combine my 30 Day Shred update with a Public Service Announcement, just because real life got in the way last week and I didn't have a chance to, well, address, some of the fandom world aspects I would have liked to.

OK? Ok!

dear mom, please bring the defibrillator home from work Thursday.
imma need it

Twilight Fans that aren't Twihards but still love them some Edward Cullen or you know, Jacob but I dont like to "talk" about him. If you actually have a life, unlike myself, but enjoy partaking in the occasional Twilight related media, tune in to Oprah on Thursday.

One hour of Rob, KStew, the puppy talking Eclipse.... I may die.


the fact that she is holding Damons hand is slaying me
just sayin

ATTENTION Vampire Diaries fans. The finale. This Thursday. *flails*

If Oprah doesn't kill me, this will.


ATTENTION True Blood Marketing GENIUSES. Can we be friends? And then can you hire me? Yes? Kthxbai.


ATTENTION KStew. I love you. You know this. I have the biggest girly crush EVER on you. Which is probably why I was ridiculously PROUD when I saw this cover. You also said something in this interview that I totally plan to extend into my life.

"I'm not going to cheapen my relationships by talking about them."

*sigh* I love that little world in my head where you and I are besties and you occasionally let me have funsies with Rob.


you and the stew totally bumped pretties last night in your Vancouver
hotel room, didn't you?
AND I said 'pretties' not 'uglies' cause we are talking about you & stewie

ATTENTION Ralph Lauren. Good work creating a jacket that appears dirty and appeals to only the worlds sexiest hobo look sporter. I approve.


ATTENTION dearest Rob. I don't need to remind you of how much I love you. Or of how much I love you in Raybans. In white vnecks. In Adidas. Holding a guitar case. But PLEASE. Can you and Stewie roll around in the mud, then on the pavement, then maybe go through a car wash together so that those jeans can look a little -worn? THANKS.

And Finally. 30 Day Shred update.

So it's been FOUR weeks. How is that even possible? Of course, because I do 5 days of Shred a week, the whole 30 day Process will take SIX weeks. + two days because I totally sucked out last week and this past week and only did 4/7 days. My bad.

This past week, while I was feeling a lot better from my cold, my energy was still seriously lacking for the better part of the week. SO I didn't do as well as I would have liked but because posting it on here and being HONEST with you helps motivate me, here it is:

what I did this week:

worked out 7/7 days
shredded 4/7 days
worked out 8.0hrs = average 1.15 hrs a day
walked-hiked 28 km/17.9miles

What is still killing me?
I hate jumping jacks and I KNOW some of YOU do too. How do I know? Because I have gotten messages and comments back from people who've been inspired to Shred. Wanna know my secret? If my endurance is lacking or my boobs are killing me I RUN on the spot instead and try to do something with my arms. Its still cardio. You can't tell me it makes that much of a difference. Try it!

After four weeks, all I can say is that I'm THRILLED with the progress. I can't really say I've noticed much of a weight difference on the scale but I've definitely noticed a measurement difference in my waist, chest, ect. I LOVED looking at photos from a night out with the ladies this past weekend and noticing the differences from my face, to my torso, to my waist. Even if it means my precious Lululemons don't fit as well and the new skirt I bought a month ago from Costa Blanca might be unwearable now. I'm HAPPY and I feel GREAT.

KEEP IT UP and you will too!

And you may even find yourself doing Shred moves in your day to day life. You know, when you're partying in hotel rooms and completely inebriated.

stretch that leg, pull your heel IN to your ass.


Anonymous said...

Living vicariously through celebrities is a BAD thing.

C r y s t a l said...

uh care to tell me who YOU are?

Jayde said...

Oh Stew. I love her.
Cannot wait to YouTube that shit!
Obvi, I am looking forward to seeing Rob, too. After all, I am only human.
The pup? Eh. Cute but now my cup of tea. He still seems so young.

Ashley said...

You have officially *made it* in the Blogosphere when you have trolls! Congrats! <3

Plus, looking great!! Congrats on the fitness!

August said...

Remember the Adidas hi-tops Run-D.M.C. wore in their video with Aerosmith? I owned a pair in the fifth grade. Adidas have since gone down hill.

KStew looks great on the cover of Elle magazine, even if it is touched up with an airbrush.

Jump rope! It's super fun and you can do it with your friends!!

Never underestimate the power of athletic support.

August said...

My bad, the guys aren't even wearing Adidas High Tops in the video.

This is the style I'm talking about:

Of course, mine were in the original black and white.

MrsShoffernan said...

I just found you're blog! You are cracking me up, I didn't even know that many pictures of the Twilight folks existed! Lol! But the ones on your header are GORGEOUS! They're like romance embodied.

Anyway, I'm getting ready to re-start the 30-Day Shred myself. I can't do all those jumping jacks either but I figure as long I as stay moving I'm good to go!

Anonymous said...

The VD finale just about did me in. Serious. I can't WAIT for the next season to start!!!