Thursday, May 13, 2010

This one is for the Twihards... And one of the most gorgeous men on the planet....


Before I get into this HEAVY Twihard post. Yes - if you are not a twihard. if you do not think Robert Pattinson is even remotely hot. if you hate posts full of pictures. if you are totally team jacob. MAYBE you shouldn't even bother reading this post. Srsly - c'est fine. I won't hate you. k maybe only a little.

BUT I have to begin with ONE last Public Service Announcement that was an after the fact from Monday's post in response to an annonymous comment left. Here it is.

PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER IN SIDE BAR. This blog's original intent was to shamelessly rant about all things Twilight & Celebrity related. NOT live vicariously through RPattz and KStew. I don't need to live vicariously through others because I'm fortunate to have a pretty awesome life of my own. Even if it is ridiculously boring at times. I didn't tell all of my friends who creeped my Facebook photos when I lived in Las Vegas that by looking at my pictures and wishing they could be a part of my life down there, that it was a BAD thing. Seek help now! You have problems! So this goes to ANYONE out there reading this blog purely to hate or bitch. No one is forcing you to read my blog. If they are well thats just fucking wrong, you should probably call the police.

*brushes dirt off of her shoulder*

OK. So I'm dying to talk about

Yes. Oprah pretty much killed me today. I loved Rob and Stewie before hand. I absolutely ridiculously adore them even more now. These two people (and ok - I guess the puppy too) are amazing people. It's time the world (And Oprah) realized this.

But I'm still TOO excited about Oprah to write about Oprah AND there is something MUCH more exciting to talk about today.


There isn't a whole lot I can actually SAY about the birth of Rob. It's not like I was there and if I had been, well I would have been two so I doubt I'd remember a whole hell of a lot about it.
umm you were adorable

What I do know is that I think Rob is one of the most gorgeous men in the entire world. I think his passion for his job, his family, his friends, his equally gorgeous girlfriend, is incredible and if I could find a guy who looks at me the way he looks at Stewie - well, I'd be the luckiest girl in the world.

So in the same fashion I celebrated Stewie's birthday here on take me to bliss I have put together a post featuring all of my favorite Rob photos. Trust me - it was hell trying to decide and to be honest, I can't even come up with top ten.

Instead, I picked pictures that I love and why I love them because lets face it. There aren't many photos of Rob out there that are NOT hot. Except those teen year modelling photos but we won't talk about those.

And let's begin...

*sigh* the GQ photoshoot.
aka the photoshoot that nearly killed me.
nothing more needs to be said. you have eyes.

Even tho I've realized Eclipse Edward is totes gonna be my fave.
Twilight Edward did ALL kinds of things to me.
As did that photo.

I'm a total sucker for black skinny ties.
AND that suit fits him like I like to imagine our
bodies would fit together: Perfectly.
oops i'm living "vicariously" again

I'm really sucking at the explaining WHY a photo was chosen.
They pretty much just make me drool, is why.

This photo induced a spazz attack of epic proportions.
You can ask one of the besties. She witnessed it.
(looking at you Ash)
I may have choked on pizza.
It also gave all of us Robsten shippers a shitload of credibility.

Ok. Tyler Rob killed me on levels Edward Rob has yet to.
I pretty much trembled that entire movie.

oh hai there favorite scene in Remember Me.
How did you get in this post?
*poker face*

I live on the East Coast.
This is the average day for me in the summer.
Rob in lobster bib = WIN

really. do I really need to explain?

in the fanfic world.
this screams Professor Masen to me.
only the second best fanfic i've ever read.

and this screams Fifty Shades.
oh Fifty.
Only my favorite fanfic (and quite possibly story) ever written

AND Lastly, two of my favorite photos from my favorite Twi photoshoot ever.



Happy Birthday Rob - love one of your biggest fans of the non-stalker, non-screaming, non-lifethreatening kind.

my apologies to the puppy. you never got a birthday post. maybe that's because you are 17 and I would have felt ridiculously pervy posting pictures of you and drooling over them. go play with the sorority girls on Oprah. They clearly have no problems with the age difference.


Anonymous said...

That was a lovely show today. Even though I don't follow Twilight quite as closely as you (gasp) I did think Mr. Pattison was pretty hot on Oprah today.


Jayde said...
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Ashley said...

I "stumbled" your blog!

And I totally remember that picture from when you visited :)