Monday, May 17, 2010

Shredding and the Big O - you know, Oprah

Ok first things first.

I love love love LOVE love love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE that I have been getting lots of visitors. Bloggers thrive on people visiting their blog. Because otherwise, we would just be talking to cyberspace. If you're out there reading and you are pretty sure that I don't know you're out there, let me know! I would love to start having blog giveaways.


Thats right folks. Contests where all you need to do is leave a comment saying 'I WANNA WIN' and you if you do, you get something of epic awesomness in the mail from ME. SO easy right? But I'm not going to have a giveaway until I get some more followers (or all you lovely lurkers start leaving some love occasionally) So get on that will ya?

Second. Eclipse is almost a month away. What does that mean?

THIS x 100000000000000
this photo is eerily reminding me of my friday night
in a good way

Eclipse shit is going to be appearing EVERYWHERE. The Twifecta will be EVERYWHERE. Including this blog. FAIR WARNING.

Now, because I know a lot of you are interested in my Shredding and not RPattz and KStew which, what is wrong with you? which is totally fine I decided to put this weeks 30 Day Shred Update at the start of the blog. Aren't I nice?

So this past week started out strong and then Thursday got here as did THIS:

hack up a lung lately? I have.
not really


And of course because I'm young and stupid and listen to my hormones instead of my head sometimes, I went and stayed out all Saturday night. And now I probably have pneumonia.

SO to avoid turning out like THIS:
does this remind anyone else of Bill Nye the Science Guy?

I took the weekend off and in turn now feel like a lazy bum. So I went for a "pleasant" nature walk tonight for an hour so I could not feel like a total failure. I also invested in cough syrup.

And because I'm honest and dedicated to being 100% truthful, here it is:

what I did this week:
worked out 5/7 days
worked out 5.5hrs = average 1.1hrs a day
walked 20km/12.42miles

Am I happy about this? Not really.

Am I glad I don't look like Mr. Skeleton? Is the Pope Catholic?

NOW onto OPRAH. If you hate the Twilight kids, hate Oprah, hate watching people's dreams come true, hate afternoon television: STOP HERE.

So when I woke up on May 13th, I immediately saw THIS:

I just pretend puppy isn't there

Only my favorite backstage video EVER. I mean, look at those two! NOT the Puppy.

So naturally, after having this amazing taste of what was to come, I anxiously anticipated 3:00pm in this household. And when it arrived, so did my mom. With Cake Box cupcakes in tow.

Best Non-Twimom there ever was.

In an attempt to convey all of the squeals, flails, gasps, laughs, sobs, hyperventilating that went on in that hour of television, I have put together 15 screencaps to rant about. Allowing myself TWO sentences for each.

Hold on tight Spider Monkey.

oprah, I sort of hate you right now.

Stewie you looked lovely and I heart you.

O hugging K cause she's shy?

I see you grazing the boob area Edward.
Why stop, you're already going to hell you said so yourself.

Eclipse Edward kills me.
those contacts are a million times better than past contacts

umm I want a guy that looks at me like that

In response to Oprah asking the BIG question.
Is that the best poker face you got bb?

If my boyfriend told millions of viewers I was preggo...
I'd have that face too Stewie

I hate to break it to you Kristen
one day Rob will impregnant you and a baby will come out of those hips

This episode made me realize something.
Robs giggle KILLS me

this only proved what I already knew
Rob is a freakin sweetheart.

Dear Dakota
How is it you are like wiser in your ways than me and you're 16?

This also only proved what I already knew.
Stewie is a total freakin sweetheart.

that is all

angry edward FTMFW
I'll say it again, Eclipse Edward owns my ass

So what about YOU. Did you watch Oprah? What was YOUR favorite moment?


Chelsey A said...

Twilight Edward owns me too!!! **squeals**

Lynne said...

First I of all I am definitely team Jacob! I LOVE that you call him puppy hehe! My favorite part if the interview was definitely him saying she was pregnant. I also love that he laughs at himself when he does something funny! So cute! I love the blog crystal :) I went to the drive in here in PEI and was thinking how fun it would be to watch a night if twilight movies there! I plan to suggest it to the owners.

Jayde said...

Gah, SO MUCH!!!
Your post title - LOL!
I almost chose mine to be "The Big O . . . no, not THAT one!" hahahah
Um, I am even more in love with Rob.
That fact that I have been reading MotU and UoEM may have something to do with that. But I don't care.
I love that boy! He is sooooo cute.
And him and Stew are SO together. The way he looks at her?! Gah. It makes me want a BF. Bad. Srsly.
Stew's hair? Gorge! She defs straightened it, but I like it. I can't wait til it's long again, when it was long and wavy and auburn it was TDF. Love her. The pup was cute but kinda irrelevant. Everyone just wants R&K. OMG! The preggo thing! She totally wanted to smack him one. Love her.

Anonymous said...

Are you comparing me to "Puppy" in that picture?! Who you don't even like?!?!?!

Shannon said...

Ahh I watched and I was there, they are so humble its incredible. Rob's laugh seriously melted me in my seat.

C r y s t a l said...

Welcome Shannon!! That is very exciting that you got to be there and I love your picture! I love Ashley Greene! Hope you stick around!

JWink22 said...

So yeah, I'm going back and reading through your old blog posts...because work in pretty dead right now. Thank the Lord!

Anyway, when Rob went to the first house and giggled like that...I died!!! Please ask me how many times I rewinded that because it was a lot.

Second, when he went to the house that "omg, they've got a dog!" and "woofed" at him...yeah, this=PRICELESS!

I heard this segment was majorly edited though which kind of depresses me because of all the tweets we got from peeps actually there when it taped live. Was that a run-on sentence, because I'm pretty positive it was. lol.