Thursday, November 25, 2010

Everything & Anything is in this Post

When I discovered at a young age that shopping was insanely fun - I became jealous of Americans.

Now I have been jealous of Americans since the age of four when my parents first brought me to the land down under one cold winter day in March in search of a state filled with orange trees, sandy beaches, and a mouse.

I live for the day im 80.
I will totes spend 6 months a year in Florida.

I became progressively more jealous of Americans when I discovered the city of sin, beautiful people, addictive casinos, and deep fried twinkies also known as Las Vegas.

yes. they exist.
that is real life.

But every year in November, I am INSANELY jealous of Americans for their oh holy shopping day

so much #WIN

Seriously. In Canada, we have the annual Boxing Day Sales but they pale in comparison to your EPIC day of shopping - Black Friday.

I didn't make this.
Whoever did is AWESOME.

Where am I going with this?

Nowheres. I just felt like taking the opportunity to tell all of you Americans that I am ETERNALLY jealous of your shopping day. And that is all.

Several AMAZING photos came out this week and I have been dying to discuss.

First of all, THIS photo surfaced this week:


There is so much WIN in this photo but before I could begin to relish the amazingness of this photo, I was left wondering one thing.


WHERE are they? Is this a tea party? Is there a Mad Hatter lurking? Is that a rabbit I see in the bushes? WHY do Rob and Kristen look like they do not belong there? Did they not get the tea party attire memo? HOW is Tomstu so cute and innocent? WHEN in the hell did this take place?

And WHY did they not look like THIS?

so much love for this photo

If you have answers to these questions, I want them. NOW.

Middle of the week - a whole boat load of Rob outtakes came out. Of course, I was at work when my iPhone was bombarded with tweets of this hotness.

I wanted to share my personal favorite with all of YOU

dear Rob
you are fuckhawt.
end of story.

Now I have a confession to make.

There has been a lot of excitement lately about Breaking Dawn. OBVIOUSLY. How could we not be excited about the unbelievably freakin amazing photos from Brazil. YOU talked about them. I talked about them. We ALL talked about them.

You know what I am actually waiting EVERY day for with bated breath?


Seriously. Because as excited as I am for feathers and broken headboards with R/K, I am EQUALLY excited for the Jacob/Marlena love scene in Water for Elephants.

But I feel that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, because amidst the BD excitement, THIS surfaced this week.
oh hai there WFE merch
does this mean a trailer is coming soon?

Really. The movie comes out in April. Shouldn't we be getting a TEASER by now? My guess is we will see something attached to holiday movies. Read: If there is NO WFE trailer attached to holiday movies I will fly to California and slap someone

But SPEAKING of feathers & headboards..........

Did you really think I wasn't going to talk about THIS?

holy UNF

It is seriously NOT fair that November 2011 is a year away. Not.At.All.

And to whoever on Twitter suggested Bill Condon give us a photo of Rob's hand and a smashed headboard for Christmas? I LIKE your style.

Alright my friends. I leave you with a beautiful photo of the Stew taken from This is Your Brain on Robsten. Which if you haven't visited yet - get.on.that.



[A/N: Still no - I know. I fail. It's coming. I promise. Just like the Water for Elephants trailer, right universe? As always, this post goes out to my girls who keep me in the know about ALL of this stuff @JessWink22 @kate_suena @EdwardsChipper @Jayde17 and @tiybor for all the pretty. - C]


Savannah Woods said...

I have a few answers (or maybe theories is more suitable?)
I think that picnic picture was a manip. (Rob's shirt is remarkably like the one he wore for TCAs) A few poeple on twitter said it was filming for OTR, which could be true, but why is Kristen not in costume, even if it was off camera, surely she'd still be in costume?
Meh, je ne sais pas!

I am soooooo excited for WFE, itis ridiculous! Robowski, slays me.
Do you know when the UK release date is?


Edward'sChipper said...

Bwahaha! I love your Black Friday jealousy! This is the first time in 14 years I've missed it, damn flu! But my Mom, sister, and my niece have gone since she was born, and my grandma used to be with us too until she died. It's a Matriarchal tradition!!! One year, we shopped for 8 1/2 hours straight - only break was for lunch. Heee.

I so can't WAIT for WFE. I need a Rob fix BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD! Someone like GQ or Details has to do another smutty spread. Puhleeeeeeeeease!!!!

Luv ya, doll. Great post!!!

Kate said...


I often wonder about two things:

1) why did we not get to know each other until this year?
2) why are we one whole, huge country apart now that we do know one another?!

I can't wait for next year when we finally get to be in the same place for a bit! Until then, I will continue to read and love your posts and let technology keep us connected.

First, oh my god that "tea party" picture - manip or not, how had I not seen that yet?! I think in my head that's how I prefer to picture Rob and Kris at events like those. Bahah, anyway, I love it.

Second, BLACK FRIDAY. It is so not fair that we don't get a day like that. I mean, really. As I watched TV at 2AM last Friday and saw the adverts for shopping starting at "3AM! and 4AM!" all I could think of was that I needed to be there. Sadly, I was obvs not (and I also REALLY need to develop a better sleeping schedule). I feel like Saturday when I got Christmas shopping done was my version of Black Friday, although the sales were nowhere near as good.

Third, I (obviously) FLOVED the feather pic. I also floved when @Twilight took it down the following day. Seriously, endless lulz. Then of course they put it back up in a roundabout way. Ohhhh Summit, it just never ends, does it?

The new Rob pics (as well as that Kristen one you included)? All I have to say about those is UNF.

Water for Elephants cannot come fast enough, I agree! As soon as I finished reading that book, and saw all the subsequent filming pics, I wanted more. As time goes on, I'm becoming less and less patient...

And now I'll stop writing since apparently, to me, "Leave your comment" means "Write a novel."

Loved your entry as always my beautiful friend!!


Jayde said...

I'm a little bit jealous of Black Friday as well.
We have Boxing Day sales here as well but they seem to pale in comparison. I mean, at Black Friday there seems to be some real legit savings but they last few Boxing Day sales I went to here were lacklustre at best. I seriously bought nothing.

OMG. TeaPartyStew! LOL. It's weird. Cos everyone else seems all prettied up (is that TomStu at the forefront??) and Rob and Kris are just in normal casual clothes. Also, their faces on Blair/Chuck makes me LOL. (Speaking of which, have you seen the Twilight movie poster that has B&C's faces instead of B&E? WIN.)

Rob pics? I die. Holy fucking unf-ing Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

WFE - I still haven't read the book. I fail. Srsly.

As always, I <3 you too!


JWink22 said...

1.) Thanks for the shout-out BB!

2.) If we get Rob's hand smashing a headboard, I.WILL.DIE! I just hope Bill keeps up the tradition of releasing a photo on the major holidays! Can't wait till Christmas Bill ;-)

3.) I can't shop unless I am by myself. So Black Friday is the epitome of torture for me. Thinking about going into those crowds makes me want to stab my eyeballs out. People going out at 2 and 3 AM...please, #IValueSleepWayTooMuch

But more power to those who want to risk their lives getting out in that mess. haha!

4.) I miss Las Vegas...I want to go back soooo bad!


Ashley said...

Woot!! New Post!

Email me for a phone date set-up! I miss you! <3

elle said...

I am DYING to see the first WFE trailer!!! How long must they make us wait?!?! Torture I tell ya!

FeatherStew FTW! A big THANK YOU goes out to Bill! He clearly knows what we want! I expect great things from him.

On an off topic note: I am just getting back into EP. (I took a huge break after chapter 48, it was just too much & life got in the way...) but I've been diving back in head first & I don't know how I stayed away for so long!

"She held her hand out to him and I stared at it, slightly fucking stunned." UGH! The courage that this Bella conveys kills me every time.

I'm happy to hear you have started reading LTiF!!! :) There is so much UNFFFF in that fic!