Monday, November 7, 2011

10 days until Breaking Dawn

Ok woah.

Are we REALLY into the ten day countdown? I mean seriously.

It's times like these and when stills like THIS come out....

I know a lot of you don't like the slicked hair.
I am just reminding myself of this:

And that kills me.

and then THIS:

I blame Emancipation Proclamation for getting turned on by guns.
And in case you didn't know.
I recently had some buddies teach me how to shoot.

yeah thats really me.

awesome screencap is awesome
Basically Rob and I should make a movie with guns together now.

Where was I?

oh Right.

That I need to remind myself that while Cosmopolis' release december 12th, 2012 seems like FOREVER away - back in June 2010, this moment felt FOREVER away. And now look. We're TEN days away.

Basically I need to get all MarthaStew and figure out what my crew are doing for tshirts & cupcakes next week.

Twi-Moms would totally have that shit locked down.

BUT on the 1oth day in the countdown to Breaking Dawn, I am BLOWN AWAY by all of the photos you have all sent in. In fact, I think you'll get spoiled with SEVERAL gorgeous Twi photos on Saturday because I'm going away for the night to Nova Scotia and well - I'd like to leave you all a treat compliments of the lovely ladies who've been VERY generous with photos.

generous cat is most generous


Before I ramble anymore because God knows I can blab blab blab for hours - imma get to today's photos.

Favorite Photos from the Twilight Saga
10th Day Countdown

If there is one thing I'm beginning to realize as you all send photos in, it's that we are all VERY similar in our ways of flailing over these movies. Because the photos you send me are totally the ones I would have chosen too SO because YOU picked them well I can use other ones I may have overlooked because I was blinded by the hotness of these photos.

You also seem to think VERY alike with each other. Which is why today's photo was not only contributed by @JessWink22 first - it was submitted by @kate_suena yesterday as well. Further proving my point we are clearly all sisters separated at birth. Right?


Jess from Tennessee and Kate from Canada BOTH chose this photo because:
" the hug? I cannot.... " - Jess
When Edward proposes (we're ignoring the ring okay?)
I mean they were practicly engaged from the minute they laid
eyes on each other, but he's making it official. It's something that's
so very important to him and Bella is finally realising that.
They love each other so damn much and that moment is just
It says it all. The look on his face? Pure joy.
Then she jumps into his arms and the music swells and my heart just bursts." - Kate

Seriously. Kate nailed my thoughts on this.
when the music swells - I die. Everytime.

And as per Kate's request - the gif:

<span class=

AND because they're from the same scene,
Jess' other photo selection!

Jess from Tennessee also chose this photo because:
"OMG how freaking happy does he look in that first one?
(not to mention his hands all over her ass)"

seriously. he just looks SO happy.
again. GREAT choice.

And last but not least, my choice for today's photo, keeping with the Eclipse theme:

I don't even care that you can't see their faces.
The way he's holding her.
Like he's never going to let her go.
That is LOVE.

See you all on Tuesday!


Joana said...

Great! These two hussies just stole my Eclipse pick! :p

Now, I'll have to go and look at the all the prety ALL OVER AGAIN. *hand to forehead* THE SACRIFICE!

Love these. As always.

And yes, I plan on commenting everyday. 10 freakin' days!!

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