Wednesday, November 2, 2011

did you really think I'd sit this one out?

Remember that time I said that take me to bliss would be taking a little blissful hiatus so that its author could concentrate on some other new exciting things?


Sorry about that.

BUT I am happy to report that said other project #1 is almost complete and I'm totally going to plug the hell out of it LATER and project #2 which I'm remaining mum about has also been given a lot of much needed attention. So winning in those departments.

ANNNDDDD with the release of Breaking Dawn TWO WEEKS from today, well.....



Rob is laughing at you for even thinking this


To make up my absence to you - I am not only bringing take me to bliss back in full swing........

hi my name is crystal and I intentionally used the word "swing"
so I could use this photo.
you're welcome.

No, this isn't just the great return of the blog - which i'm not gonna lie, I didn't draft this post, I simply sat down in front of the computer and I am writing the first words that come to mind cause I think that's both rebelious and maybe slightly crazy.

And honestly, I do go a little crazy sometimes. Especially when I've been kept from Starbucks OR given Redbull.

Case and Point
for real. that is real life.
i swear im normal 99.9% of that time

THIS return of the blog will be celebrated with.....

Wait for it.


this is legit bestie B's cat Tiwiliger
because why use a LOL cat when there's this RL cat

(B you can thank me later when agents start calling for Tiwiliger)

You might think that I'm kidding.

Or that maybe I've gone mad. Which is totally possible given my crazy daily to-do list.


didn't someone once say, we all go a little mad sometimes?

But seriously.

I can totally do this.

And here's why.

For the next 14 days leading up to the midnight release (or in my part of Canada, a 10:00pm release read: dear canadian theatre I love you and will never bitch about not living in the USA ever again) I will post a Twilight photo of the day; EVERYDAY. Said photo will be a personal favorite from either Twilight, New Moon (which pffft will be few and far between), or Eclipse.

AND here is where it get's REALLY fun.

I am inviting YOU - yes YOU loyal followers that I have left that haven't abandoned me during this hiatus - to send me your favorite photos from the first three movies. Just pick your favorite and SEND! I will totally give you credit and it really IS that easy. No explanation required as to WHY you love the photo is needed BUT if you want to tell me why, then do it up!

Just send it to and I will totally do this:

Bella Swan from Forks, Washington LOVES this photo!
[optional: because it reminds her of the 1st time Edward went to 2nd base]

note: I don't need to put your name. your twitter handle is fine.
note 2 : I don't need to put where you're from. planet earth is ok.
note 3 : if you don't live on planet earth. we have bigger things to discuss.


given that we are entering the first day of hardcore Breaking Dawn promo today - don't be surprised if there are some added photos of Rob and Kristen looking fuckhawt attending tapings, handprintings, my lover jimmy fallon's studio, premieres, etc.

AS IF I'm going to ignore those.


SO. START SENDING. You can even tweet me said photos @takemetobliss . BUT I expect a contribution from all of you cause I know you're awesome like that. #thatisall

Ok. Until tomorrow, please leave some love so I can feel like this:



[a/n: sooooooo I am launching my own personal blog in the next week. I have concluded if I put that in writing on this blog then I am legally bound to launch it or people can fly here and slap me. which of course wouldn't be a bad thing because I love all of you and that would mean i'd get to see you which would basically be awesome. #latenightrant BUT YEAH. I will let you all know when that is up in case you're interested. AND I mean it. Send your favorite Twi-saga photos or puppies and kittens everywhere will cry. Really.]


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for a second C blog to add to my feeds!!! :D

Anonymous said...

i want to clean the gunk out of tiwilliger's eye in that pic

Joana said...

I love everything about this post. Except Red Bull. Red Bull would probably kill me dead.

Except some pics from me! I'm def on planet Earth so that's good. : )

Also, can't wait for your other blog to land next week. NEXT WEEK C!!!